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Your Skin Needs Pampering and Care

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Acne is a skin condition that is caused by two main factors, your hormones and genetics. Other minor factors are stress, cosmetics, environment, pollution, rubbing your skin, and your diet like too much milk and sugar. Natural remedies for acne or other type of skin conditions pyridoxamine, zinc, vitamin A, water-soluble vitamin and herbs like tea tree oil. Acne vulgaris occurs once the skin becomes inflamed from over secretion of the oil glands and the pores become blocked from dead skin cells and the oil. Once the pores are blocked, blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples occur.

How does acne occur on the skin?

Acne happens normally throughout the teenage years attributed to the rise of hormones throughout adolescence years, but some adults will still get acne because of hormones or other factors that we have mentioned above. One of the most trending question between the teenagers is what causes acne?There have been long and exhaustive researches on this topic for over 60 years that you can find all over the internet from Wikipedia to WebMD.

The cause for the occurrence of an acne is due to the excessive production of Sebum (oily substance produced by the skin tissues to keep the skin surface moisturized and maintains the shine and glow). Due to dust, pollution and the excess production of sebum the pores get clogged and so is the Bacteria. The trapped bacteria then start to infect the skin tissues and rupture the pores and create pus inside. The result is the reddish and swollen area around the acne with a bump. During the changes in the androgen glands while the teenager is in adolescent years, the sebum starts to produce more and more. These are the basic reason for the appearance of an acne. When an acne is agitated, then it results in Cystic Acne.

Cystic Acne

A Cystic Acne is when you have large breakouts with red, swollen, and painful acne that is deep in your skin. When acne occurs on the skin surface, the dead skin cells and too much oil clogged the pores. At times all the dust and even the bacteria get trapped inside the pores and starts the procedure of infecting the cells. The infection develops the pus and the area starts to swell and turns red. The sweat on the skin fills in as an impetus in disturbing and exacerbate the phase of Cystic Acne. This gives a promotion to the anaerobic microbes to start the contamination and agitate the severity. The papules, cysts and pustules are the pre stage of Cystic Acne.The upheaval of pimple because of the comedones prompts knobs or blister.

Cystic acne breakoutsis something you can’t prevent from happening or get rid of without a professional helping you out. An exacerbated cystic skin breakout is prone to leave scars on the skin and takes months of prescription and administering for your acne issues to be taken care of. Always consult a dermatologist when you think you have developed cystic acne and they can assist with plan to get rid of your cystic acne.

How to eradicate the Cystic Acne?

There are many remedies available for the cure and treatment of a Cystic Acne. There many great home remedies, over the counter, and prescribe acne medication that are available in the form of tablets, injections, bars, lotions, gel, creams and many more. The more severe the Cystic Acne is the, longer would the treatment and medicinal cycle will be. To diminish the infectious Cystic Acne, one has to be extra careful while taking care of the skin and the infected area. Proper hygiene, proper attention and faithfulness in the consumption of the medicines are the major factors to subsidize the effect. The usage of Benzoyl peroxide is one of the most effective and highly recommended cystic acne treatmentprescribed by the dermatologist. The skin inflammation causes disturbance to the skin, tingling and mental anxiety and one dependably renders on the best way to dispose of cystic skin inflammation. The medicine works by restructuring the ruptured skin cells and secretes the pus out of the pores to stop the infection. The bacteria’s are killed by the elements present in the Benzoyl Peroxide and it promotes the white corpuscles to secure the human skin from the extra-terrestrial diseases.

There are several self-care or facial maintenance which can help the medicine to suppress the effects of cystic acne like cleaning the affected area twice a day, avoid the excessive use of makeup, humid climatic conditions.

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