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6 Spices In SpiceFit ThermaSpice That Help People Shed Extra Pounds

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What spices are in ThermaSpice product from SpiceFit? Can these spices help people shed off extra pounds? These and many others are some of the questions about ThermaSpice many people are searching for answers online. If you are one of them, we will have you sorted. We have written a comprehensive article which we hope will probably answer any of the questions you might have about ThermaSpice spices. Read on to learn more.

What does the research say about spices? 

Before we tell you the type of spices in ThermaSpice and whether these spices work in shedding pounds, let us first know what research say about spices. Recent studies have shown that some spices from a certain plant species have positive effects on weight loss. These spices work by suppressing appetite, speeding up the metabolic rate and even preventing fat cells from reappearing in the body after weight loss.

The science behind ThermaSpice 

As stated in our last article about All You Need To Know About ThermaSpice by SpiceFit, ThermaSpice is a brand new product by SpiceFit. This product is formulated by Dr. Melina Jampolis, a certified nutritionist who has been helping people regain their health by choosing a scientific approach. Her product is not only meant to prepare a tasty and healthy meal but also to help cut off excessive weight.

ThermaSpice combines all the important spices in one convenient blend. These spices not only ensure that you have conquered your excess pounds but also means you have a variety of unique flavors when it comes to cooking healthy and tasty meals.

What spices are in ThermaSpice? 

We are finally ready to take you through the spices in ThermaSpice that help people shed extra pounds. Knowing these spices will help you know how to utilize the product in order to achieve more benefits.


Several studies have shown that Cumin has positive effects on digestion, Body Mass Index (BMI), insulin metabolism and weight loss. A closely monitored study over 2 months found that cumin has the same effects as orlistat, a prescription drug designed to treat obesity that inhibits the absorption of fats. When mixed with lime and other spices, cumin was found to have greater effects on LDL-cholesterol levels, total cholesterol, triglycerides, Body Mass Index and weight loss.


Ginseng is another spice in ThermaSpice that has the potential of shedding extra pounds. Recent studies have found ginseng helpful for weight loss in mice because it can speed metabolism, regulate blood sugar and boost energy levels. The studies also found that ginseng provides energy that the body requires and help combat fatigue and stress when you are under pressure. In one study, a 50 Korean woman with obesity were given a diet containing Korean red ginseng for two months. These women experienced a significant reduction in waist-to-hip ratio, Body Mass Index, weight, and appetite in comparison to a placebo group.


Capsaicin is a strong substance that makes chili peppers hot. It is also a strong compound that can raise body temperature which in turn increases body metabolism. A study that was conducted by researchers in Canadian found that men who were given hot sauce before a meal ended up consuming fewer calories than those who were not served with hot sauce. These researchers concluded that capsaicin can be an effective appetite suppressant leading to weight loss.


Turmeric contains curcumin, a chemical that has proven effective in inducing weight loss in obese or overweight individuals. In one study, 40 people were given a diet comprising of Turmeric for 30 days. Because of huge benefits of Turmeric it’s called golden spice. These people experienced enhanced the BMI, reduced waistline, increased weight loss, reduced body fat and improved hip circumference after the study period.

Curry Leaf 

Losing weight does not reduce cholesterol levels. In fact, some people who took part in active weight loss exercises found that their cholesterol levels went up during that period. This is because the body burnt energy that it had been storing as fat. One of the spices that have shown effective in reducing cholesterol levels is curry leaf tree spice. It has also been found effective in weight loss by controlling blood sugar levels and improving digestion.

Moringa Leaf 

Last but not least is Moringa Leaf. These unique leaves are packed with several nutrients and beneficial minerals such as protein, vitamin C, beta-carotene, calcium, and potassium. It has been received positively in Ayurvedic medicine for its effects in weight loss. In the recent years, preliminary studies have also found Moringa Leaf with weight loss properties and therapeutic potential for chronic lipids, fats, and high blood sugar.

Collecting these spices individually and trying to include them in your diet can be a difficult adventure and really requires some planning in advance. The good news is that ThermaSpice and other supplements such as Slimvance can solve this problem. If you didn’t know, Slimvance is an effective dietary supplement that also combines three of these beneficial spices.

Are you ready to shed extra pounds and spice up your life? What are you waiting for? Try ThermaSpice and Slimvance and see what benefits these products may have on your body.

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