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Losing It: 25 More Reasons to Shed the Extra Weight

by Alexander Stevens
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So you’ve put in the hard work – cut out the carbs, taken your TruVision Health, and started eating right to drop those extra pounds. Good on you. You’re now reaping the benefits, looking and feeling better than ever.

It’s not an easy process for anybody, as everyone who has been on the weight loss path will tell you, but the rewards are always worth it. The perks are virtually endless, extending far beyond the better health body and improved bedroom performance you might be familiar with.

Here’s a glimpse at the vast array of benefits that await you as you embark on your weight loss journey.

1. Sleeping Better

Adequate sleeping actually plays an important role in losing weight, but it might surprise you to learn that research indicates that a 5 % loss in body weight can help take care of conditions such as snoring and sleep apnea. Couple this with a supplement such as TruVision Health, you can help yourself sleep deeper and longer at night.

2. Improved Hormone Balance

Hormones aren’t just an issue for teenagers, they play a vital role in our body chemistry throughout our entire lives. Shedding some weight will help your body regulate the hormones controlling your metabolism among other functions, helping you keep off the lost weight as well as shed even more pounds.

3. Libido Boost

Too tired? A headache? The bedroom excuses can be a thing of the past for you as dropping some weight can significantly boost the testosterone and libido levels you experience. Shedding just 10 pounds will even trigger the increased production of sex hormones in people. Getting into the mood will be easier than ever.

4. Easing Joint Pains

All the extra pounds you’ve been carrying around put a lot of extra strain on your joints, and shedding a bit of excess weight can really ease any joint pains you might have been experiencing.

5. Brighter Skin

As you sweat it out to burn up those calories, you will also be clearing all the gunk and out of your pores, leaving your skin looking luminous. This detoxification will also be aided by the healthy eating habits you will likely adopt in your weight loss endeavors.

6. Relaxation

Losing weight can be a load off your mind and body. The things you do to lose weight are great for your general stress relief – sleeping well, exercising, and eating right are all great stress relievers.

7. Sexual Performance

Increased physical fitness has a definite correlation with sexual satisfaction, as you will experience a boost in sexual drive and stamina to go the distance. It’s a whole lot more satisfying on the whole for you and your partner both, and it’s an area the TruVision Health product line can further help you out.

8. Mood Elevation

Everybody who has been on a weight loss regime knows that the drive to get in shape involves a lot of mental strength. Losing weight, then, not only benefits you physically but mentally as well, as it builds up your will-power. The endorphins released in the brain, which are responsible for that post-workout high you experience, are a great natural mood elevator.

9. Better Finances

Junk food, takeaway, and alcohol not only bloat your waistline but your budget as well. Cooking your own meals and avoiding happy hour can represent some very healthy savings to your bottom line.

10. Immune System Boost

In addition to the supplements such as you can get from TruVision Health, the lifestyle that comes with losing weight can be a great way to boost your immune system, helping you keep the sniffles and allergies at bay.

11. Self-Respect

Respect, just like charity, begins at home. When you discipline and dedicate yourself to losing weight, you reaffirm your respect for your own self, and this will inevitably show in how you view those around you.

12. Memory Boost

As we mentioned earlier, the weight loss path strengthens you in both body and mind – and one of the happy side effects is improved memory. Whoever we are and whatever we do, we could always use a little bit of boost to remember the important things in our busy lives.

13. Improved Wardrobe

It’s a great feeling being able to wear whatever you want and look good in it. Losing weight will not only allow you to experiment with new styles but will give you the confidence to show off your new, streamlined silhouette.

14. Eliminate Cravings

As you get into the weight loss routine, you’ll find that your body no longer craves the snacks and unhealthy foods that you used to live for (well, at least not as much as before).

15. Increased Sociability

Living healthy involves living actively, and living actively comes with getting out there and meeting people. The confidence boost of a trimming body coupled with the increased activity in your life will inevitably result in a more active social life, which is never a bad thing.

16. Partner Support

One of the best motivators to lose weight is to see someone close to you make an effort to do so. It’s also a very encouraging sight to see real results in someone nearby. You can be that example for someone you care about to get up from the couch.

17. Cooking Skills

Eating healthy often calls for a little bit of effort in the kitchen, as dining out or ordering in simply isn’t a viable route for most of us. You might not get your Michelin star any time soon, but you’ll pick up a few skills in the kitchen along the way.

18. Increased Organization

The weight loss battle can sometimes take on the aspect of a war, requiring precise planning and clearly laid out strategies. This coordinated action will positively affect how you handle yourself in other areas of your life.

19. Expanding Horizons

The thing with increased confidence is the fact that it pushes to try things we might not have been willing to do before. Whether it’s in the workplace or the bedroom, losing weight can be just the thing to get you out of your comfort zone and into new, exciting territory.

20. Tastier Food

Paying more attention to your diet will give you a renewed appreciation of just how good it can taste. Junk food and snacks don’t compare to what you’re missing out on in home cooked meals and carefully planned menus. You’ll get back in touch with delightful flavors and texture you might have been ignoring.

21. Happier Check-Ups

Few things beat the feeling of heading to your doctor for a checkup after losing a couple of pounds. There are few people who’ll be happier than you to see you making progress, so make an effort to turn those visits into something to look forward to every time.

22. Less Medical Expenses

It’s probably safe to generalize that the healthier you are, the less medication you need, but losing weight can go a bit further than that by not only reducing your risk of certain diseases but by also reducing your reliance on certain prescription medications – if not eliminating your need for them entirely. Be sure to keep your doctor in the loop, however.

23. Easier Mobility

Getting around shouldn’t be any harder than it needs to be, and shedding a few extra pounds can take some of the strain out of a daily commute, or any strenuous activity for that matter.

24. Longer Life

If you were to place your bet on who would live longer, would you put your money on the slouch that eats whatever they come across and doesn’t know any gym in their city, or the conscientious eater who’s jogging every morning? Everybody has to start from somewhere, to be sure, but we should all have an active, healthy lifestyle as our goal.

25. Lessened Allergies

The respiratory distress that can be a symptom of allergies for some may be exacerbated by excessive weight, which can be alleviated by losing weight. Supplements such as TruVision Health not only help you lose the weight but boost the allergy-fighting mechanisms of our bodies.

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