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Innovative Ways to Use Your Favorite Protein Shake Powder

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Meal replacement shakes are a great way to lose weight for many reasons… They increase your metabolism, reduce your appetite and help you stay full for a longer period of time, thereby reducing hunger pangs that make you stuff your mouth at odd times of the day!

Weight Loss Meal Replacement Shakes: The Secret Weapon

Just mixing plant-based protein powder with water can get monotonous and make your weight loss program a tougher plan to stick with. After all, having the same thing for a long time will leave you losing interest in it. The good news is that you can get creative with your protein shakes in innumerable ways. You can add them into several of your food items that you consume on a regular basis, thereby increasing your protein intake by increasing the protein content of these items. It will increase the nutritious factor of those items and also enhance the taste…win-win!

  1. One of the best ways to consume your protein shakes is to blend them with other ingredients while you’re making your healthy fruity or veggie-filled shake anytime of the day. While you add in the yogurt, berries, beetroot and mangoes, just remember to add in a few spoonfuls of protein powder to the drink and you will have a healthy and nutritious smoothie that is not only awesome-tasting, but great for weight loss as well! And the best part is that making these smoothies don’t take long either. Just a few ingredients and a few minutes and you get a healthy, nutritious and colorful smoothie to keep you full and help you with your health goals.
  2. If you’re making pancakes and puddings, and still wishing they could help you lose weight instead of increasing it, then weight loss meal replacement shakes can help you make this wish come true. Don’t get me wrong, this is still more of a treat then a daily item to indulge in, but a great way to healthify your craving. Whether you’re making these fluffy, delicious babies from scratch, or using a ready-made mix, adding a little bit of protein shake to it is a good way to make it better for your health, help fill you up faster and suppress your appetite.
  3. Feeling crazy and really just want a bowl of cereal for breakfast today? It’s okay to cheat every now and then, just add your protein powder to your milk for a fiber, protein, vitamin punch and stir it well before you gobble it down with your favorite cereal.
  4. Coffee! Yes, that drink that you almost consume like water can actually help you lose weight if you add a little bit of protein powder to it. Let’s face it, you might be consuming coffee like crazy at work and it would make you feel less guilty if you knew that you were adding one ingredient to it that would keep you from having hunger pangs and keep you awake too! So you can stay up working for long hours without having hunger pangs, because you have made a creative use of protein powder and added it to your coffee that is doing its trick of making you burn more calories without putting in the extra effort.
  5. Indulge in those ice creams and other desserts that you’ve been denying yourself without feeling an ounce of guilt. Sure, they are your cheat meals, but the guilt would be far lesser, and your weight loss plan far easier, if you add in protein powder to it. If you’re making those cupcakes and ice creams at home, just remember to add in your protein shake along with the other ingredients. You can enjoy your desserts which will taste yummy, just like they usually do, and you can sit back in sheer joy, knowing that you have actually eaten a healthier version of the dessert that you have been craving for weeks!

Protein shakes can be consumed in several creative ways in our daily lives that are easier to make and push up the nutritious content of the food. You just have to be a little creative with your thinking and be willing to experiment. After all, weight loss must be a joyful journey and if adding extra proteins can make your progress faster and better, then why not use that protein shake (in a limited amount because you don’t want to overdo it) in almost anything and everything that you consume?

If you’re looking for good weight loss meal replacement shakes, try out the ones from 310nutrition. These plant based proteins are great for your health, suppress your hunger and are made from natural ingredients. They always come out with different flavors perfect for exciting new recipes (and personal creations)!

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