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How To Buy Adipex Online Without a Prescription

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Adipex is the brand name version of a popular weight loss pill manufactured by Gate and Teva Pharmaceuticals. The generic form is Phentermine and is generally given in 37.5 mg doses. This is a prescription drug and can only be obtained through a prescription written by a doctor or nurse practitioner to be filled at a pharmacy. However, there are many individuals and companies who claim to sell this diet pill online without a prescription.

Before 2005 you could go online and get an “online prescription” for Adipex. The “patient” would fill out an online questionnaire and get the prescription filled from and “online doctor.” The medication would be mailed from a legal pharmacy. However, this practice was found to be unsafe and unreliable. There were many issues as far as the patient being monitored for side effects, dosage, and other factors. It was easier for people to get multiple prescriptions in this way. It was also easier for individuals to lie about certain factors or to even share their prescription. For these reasons, it was made illegal and there is no way you can obtain this drug online legally or safely.

The Legalities

While Adipex diet pills is a prescription medication, it is extremely illegal to even possess this drug without a prescription. Not only is it illegal to possess it, it is an even larger crime to sell it illegally and comes along with a much heftier punishment. So, you stand to get yourself into a lot of trouble if you try to order this drug online without a prescription. The individuals who sell these pills online (whether it is real Adipex or not) stand to get into even more trouble once they are caught for their illegal and unsafe practice.

If you want to legally obtain a prescription for Adipex diet pills, then you must physically go to a doctor’s office for a consultation. The doctor will write you a physical copy of a prescription to be filled at a pharmacy. From this point, you may be able to get online to fill your prescription, but you can not actually get the prescription filled online anymore. If any website tells you that you can buy this drug or its generic Phentermine online, they are selling you a lie. They are either acting out of the constraints of the law or they are not selling real Phentermine, which would also be highly illegal. There is no need to risk your freedom for something like this. If this medication is right for you, then it is worth seeing a doctor. A doctor will be able to determine the best and safest route for you to tackle your weight issues and will be able to oversee your progress and any possible side effects that you may experience.

The Dangers

Not only is it illegal to purchase or possess Adipex without a prescription, but it is also extremely dangerous. Anyone can sell any pill and claim that it is Adipexor Phentermine. You as the consumer will have no idea exactly what you are buying, because these pills are not approved by the FDA and can contain any ingredient that the maker and seller chooses. The kind of people who want to illegally sell dangerous prescription medications online are not likely the kind of people to worry about you and your personal health. These people are out to make a profit and nothing more.

The side effects that can come along with this prescription drug can be very intense and some can even be fatal. For this reason, it is very important to be seeing a doctor while taking it. You doctor will be able to monitor your dosage and your side effects. They will be able to check your heart rate and blood pressure to ensure that you are not in any physical harm from taking this medicine. They will monitor your dosage. It can be tricky to find just the right dose with this drug to help suppress appetite and lose weight while avoiding some of the negative side effects like inability to get to sleep or sleep for enough time. This drug can also cause dependence and can come along with severe withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking it. Your doctor will be able to oversee this process and help you to decrease your dose in a safe way that will not cause severe withdrawal. You are also not supposed to take Adipex for longer than twelve weeks, even less for some individuals. It can become extremely unsafe to take longer than this. Many people who try to illegally order this medication online have no idea that it is unsafe to take for longer than twelve weeks and can have severe complications if taken longer. Bottom line, it is extremely unsafe and irresponsible to try to get this drug illegally and to take it on your own accord. You could be risking your health and even your life. It’s just not worth it.

Talk to your Doctor About Alternatives

There is no need to put your health and life at risk over something like this. Go see your doctor if you are interested in taking a prescription to help you lose weight. Or you can check out over the counter options for vitamins and supplements that are totally legal to purchase without a prescription. One such supplement is Phenobestin. This is an over the counter supplement that is made to be an alternative to Adipex. As with any dietary supplement, you should still see your doctor if you are wanting to take this to help you lose weight. You will want your doctor to ensure that all ingredients are safe for you as well as help you to determine the correct dose and schedule for taking it. Just as with Adipex diet pills, your doctor may want you to take it for a short time then stop before starting another schedule. It will all boil down to what your doctor thinks will be safe and effective for you, and there is no reason to forgo speaking with your doctor when your health is in question. So, talk with your doctor today and see if over the counter Phenobestin may be right for you. Best of luck to you in your weight loss pursuit! You can do it!

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