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An In-Depth Vitapulse Review- All You Need To Know

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Vitapulse is an all-natural dietary supplement. It is marketed as being able to offer advanced antioxidant support, necessary in maintaining optimal cardiovascular function and ideal cholesterol levels in the body. This product is also said to offer effective protection against cellular damage, minimize inflammation and optimize mitochondrial health. Antioxidants work by targeting free radical formation that is triggered by a cellular reaction known as oxidation or electron loss. This unique capability to inhibit oxidation can greatly reduce cellular damage, reverse premature aging and minimize the risk factors of contracting a number of diseases. In light of this, this dietary supplement can offer protection against heart disease, which is the US’s top killer ailment that claims one out of each 4 deaths in the country.



The product label of this dietary supplement lists only 3 ingredients used in its formulation. These are n – acetyl cysteine (NAC), CoQ10 and pyrroloquinoline quinine PQQ). To begin with, NAC is obtained from L-cysteine, an amino acid, and is prevalently utilized in potent antioxidant formulations. NAC is very often bandied about as an exceptional cancer preventer. In the context of heart health benefits, WebMd cites this antioxidant to be possibly’ effectual when it comes to minimizing one of the risk factors of heart disease; homocysteine levels. On its part, PQQ, happens to be a chemical, which according to some leading medical sites, has some level of antioxidant and neuro-protective attributes. However, most of the studies that have been conducted on this ingredient, have been done on mice, and not people. In many of those studies, PQQ has been shown to minimize damaged areas sizes in animal models of acute heart attack. Still, none of them have ever revealed if this antioxidant possesses any significant preventive heart health benefits. Finally, CoQ10 is the 3rd ingredient in Vitapulse, and in contrast to the other 2, has been shown to be in a position of boosting metabolism. Yet, WebMd notes that the clinical backing for its touted heart health benefits are oftencontradictory. It is noteworthy to state that CoQ10 is one of the most frequently utilized ingredients in a wide range of anti-aging skincare products.

All in all, one of the biggest issues when accurately gauging the actual effectualness of this dietary supplement is its dosage, which is substantially low. For instance, each pill comes with only 250mg of the antioxidant NAC. But numerous studies have indicated that the ideal daily dosage for NAC should be at least 1.2 g. In this particular regard, this dietary supplement may not be in a position of bringing about the outcomes, which have been witnessed in many NAC research. Also, its manufacturer doesn’t offer any clinical evidence to underscore their bold claims.


Side effects

Been a formulation of only 3 ingredients this product can be well tolerated by virtually any user. Nevertheless, one frequently reported side effect of its usage is digestive upset. In some rare incidents it has been reported to trigger rashes, fever, migraines and lethargy.

Who is the manufacturer of Vitapulse?


The company that is behind this supplement is Princeton Nutrients LLC that operates from Woodland Hills, California. This firm is not in any way linked with the leading US University, which bears the similar name. Its chief health advisor is Dr. Arash Bereliani, a board certified physician who manages the Beverly Hills Institute for cardiology and preventive medicine. He is also an assistant clinical professor at the University of California Los Angeles where he teaches medicine and cardiology. Dr. Bereliani specializes in the fields of integrative cardiology, health optimization services and internal medicine as well. His full bio is made available on this product’s official website, and you may go through it, if you so wish. Princeton Nutrients website domain name was first registered in 2015. So, it has not been around long enough to get a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating yet. Besides, this product, it offers another dietary supplement; UltraKrill, that it markets as a premium omega 3 formulation.

Where to purchase Vitapulse?

Vitapulse is only made available for purchase through its official website, and there are 3 different packaging options you could settle for. The first is a 30-pill bottle for a full month’s supply. The second is a 90-pill, 3 month supply consisting of 3 bottles. While the 3rd option is 180-pill, 6 month supply comprising of 6 bottles. The 2nd as well as the 3rd options come with a free shipping service.

Final verdict

Princeton Nutrients LLC happens to be a very reputable company, and this dietary supplement’s ingredients are backed by a sound scientific base. Other websites also offer unbiased reviews of Vitapulse, like the ever reliable Supplement Police. While its pricing may be somewhat exorbitant, this firm provides a top notch customer service support, and a credible 60-day moneyback guarantee policy for it.

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